Rumor: Apple prepares iTunes for Android and new streaming service

Apple is considering launching yet another music streaming service and, instead of keeping it exclusive to those who own company gadgets, it plans to take it to Android folks as well. The negotiations, according to the Billboard, have already started, but are in an initial stage and it is not known when the news will start operating.

With that, the company would finally have a competitor equal to services like Pandora and Spotify, attacking in a terrain until today unexplored by it, and would begin to abandon the dependence on the download system, which has been falling precisely because of streaming.

According to Billboard, Apple representatives have been talking to top record executives to explore the possibilities. Today the company already has iTunes Radio (for now, exclusive to American customers), but it only works on iOS, which greatly limits its reach.

As Apple is the leader in the music downloads market, it is one of the main ones impacted by the drop that hits the sector as streaming grows. And companies like Spotify reach diverse audiences precisely because they are on various platforms, which does not happen with iTunes or with iTunes Radio.

The new iTunes app for Android, then, would help keep sales of downloads high while Apple enters the streaming business. It is worth remembering that the opposite already occurs, since the official Google apps are all on the App Store, while Apple’s on Google Play are made by independent developers.

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