Pre-presidential candidate tries to block internet searches

Justice denied a request from Senator Acio Neves, who wanted to compel search engines to block search results related to him. As a presidential candidate for the PSDB, Acio’s name is linked to embezzlement during his time as governor of Minas Gerais and the use of narcotics.

According to Folha de S.Paulo, Justice had already decided against the senator on the diversion case, so he filed an appeal and an injunction request. It was defeated again, but the merits of the process are still under analysis.

The action targets Google, Yahoo and Bing, where news appears that accuses him of responding for misuse of funds from Sade in MG – there are more than 20 thousand links. The senator asked to remove this information and 19 more terms.

Google says in the lawsuit that Acio “seems” too sensitive “to criticism of his actions” and that it is impossible to remove the content without interfering with other searches related to the senator. Even so, warns the company, touching it implies inspecting the content before it appears in the results, something seen by the company as an attack on freedom of expression.

The other case, initiated in 2013 and which links the toucan to the use of narcotics, runs in secret from Justia. He calls for action against communities and profiles that address the issue.

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