Pop-up creator apologizes for the inconvenience

American Ethan Zuckerman invented pop-ups in the 1990s, those boring little windows of advertisements that pop up on your computer screen when you visit a website. For some time now, they have been losing space to other formats, but they are not uncomfortable. This Friday, Zuckerman apologized to the internet for his invention.

According to him, the intention was good and came after a brand of car manufacturers complained about the display of their advertisements on a sex website. Zuckerman then decided to remove one of the banners from the page and place it in a new window that would open over the photos, making things look unrelated.

For Zuckerman, the internet must get rid of the advertising model that he created to grow in a sustainable way, since the format collects data from users. His suggestion to end invasive advertisements on the Internet is that people pay small fees for using their favorite services.

So, would you be willing to put your hand in your pocket to get rid of the online chase of brands? Leave your opinion below.

Via: The Atlantic

Internet Pop-Up Advertising

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