PlayStation will get exclusive series and pay TV service

Sony is taking seriously the idea that the PlayStation should be a media center for the users room, and not just a console. So much so that he works on the production of an original series that will only be shown on TV and also prepares a pay TV service for players.

The show is called Powers and is being produced by Sony Pictures Television. Company executives told the Wall Street Journal that each episode will be an hour long and tell the adventures of a detective investigating crimes involving people with special powers.

At least for now, the title will be available only to the company’s customers in the United States, through PlayStation Network. They will receive the signal via streaming, just as they consume content from Netflix or Amazon.

The other initiative, to create a pay TV, played part of the series. Sony is negotiating with major media companies to make their channels available via the Internet, also to be broadcast on the console.

It is not yet known when the news will debut or how Sony intends to charge for it.

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