Netflix will end blogs that pass information about its catalog

If you regularly access blogs to check for Netflix updates, you will probably have to discover a new way of knowing what content has been added to the virtual store. These pages rely on a public Netflix API, but the company has announced that it will end the feature on November 14.

Thanks to the API, developers are able to obtain updates and provide search systems more efficient than those of Netflix itself, helping service customers when deciding what to watch. In the United States it was even possible to rent company DVDs through alternative sites, thanks to that.

As the TechCrunch, it was in part thanks to resources as soon as Netflix reached the popularity it has today, with 35 million users in the US and another 12.5 million internationally. But the company decided to lessen the powers of the API and has now warned that it will be closed.

Some partner developers will continue to have API access, because it will not cease to exist, it will only be public (look here). S that none of the advertised works with the Brazilian catalog, as do the Netflix Releases (which even has an advanced search system) and the Netflix Movies(which does not depend on the API, but also brings updates on the catalog).

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