Netflix will become pay TV “channel” in the US

Today, almost any device with internet and a screen has Netflix access. The company is now trying to expand its services to the cable box. Now, some pay-TV companies will have a Netflix channel in their packages, as if the service is just another common channel.

The company has already partnered with three American companies with national reach: RCN, Grande Communications and Atlantic Broadband. Customers of these companies will be able to access Netflix without relying on a set-top box made by a third party or a SmartTV application.

According to the Washington Post, the deal would cover 500,000 users of pay TV companies. To have Netflix access in the TV box, you must be a subscriber at the same time as the streaming service and the pay TV company, which will send you a new set-top box, which releases the new features.

David Isenberg, marketing director for Atlantic Broadband, explains how it will work. “If you are already an RCN customer, you can take your remote control and switch channels to 450 and you will find Netflix. You can select it and the application will open. Literally, watching Netflix is ​​as easy as changing channels, ”he says. The internet connection will still be a requirement, therefore.

Today, as previously mentioned, a separate device with internet connection is required to access Netflix on TV, or a Smart TV. With the agreement, it is easier to use the streaming service without having to change devices or remote control.

Via Washington Post

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