Netflix updates ranking with the best and worst providers in Brazil

Netflix released the results of its monthly survey on internet speeds from Brazilian providers. There were few changes between May and June; none of the companies changed positions.

O ranking shows Live Tim offers the best service, with 3.19 Mbps internet (less than the 3.24 Mbps of the previous month), followed by GVT (3.08 Mbps) and Net Virtua (2.67 Mbps). Then there are Algar (2.1 Mbps), Telefnica (1.42 Mbps) and Oi Velox (1.26 Mbps).

The only ones that showed improvement were Net, which previously had a speed of 2.51 Mbps, and Telefnica, which previously had 1.41 Mbps. And the Algar has remained stable; Tim, GVT (which had 3.14 Mbps) and Oi (which had 1.29 Mbps) were expensive.

In comparison with 19 other countries, Brazil offers the tenth best internet, according to Netflix, with an average of 2.31 Mbps. The first place is with Holland and its 3.53 Mbps, followed by Sucia (3.34 Mbps) and Denmark (3.26 Mbps). The last place in Costa Rica, which has an average speed of 1.33 Mbps.

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