Netflix should reach Linux users soon

Linux users have a new reason to celebrate. Finally, after years of being unsupported, Netflix should come to the operating system. Until then, the streaming service depended on Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, but with the adoption of HTML5, that should change.

The novelty was disclosed by Paul Adolf, from Netflix, who in a message said: “[O] Netflix will work stable with Chrome on 14.02 if version 3.16.2 of NSS or higher is installed “.

NSS stands for Network Security Services and is a plugin created from a joint effort by Mozilla, Google and RedHat. The current version of Ubuntu (14.04) runs a slightly older version of the plugin, but it should be upgraded soon (probably in October) through a security update.

Currently, Linux users are able to watch series and movies on Netflix through hacks, however, the process is complicated and requires tampering with the browser user-agent. With the move to HTML5, however, a desktop version of Linux will stream normally.

Via Engadget

Linux Netflix

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