Netflix should raise prices for new subscribers

On Monday, Netflix announced its quarterly results with a surprise: a price increase for its movie and serial streaming service. The company did not detail whether it will be all countries that will receive the adjustment, however.

But calm down, you’re already a subscriber. According to Netflix, in principle the increase should not affect anyone who already has a subscription. Only new users should be affected by the increase. The company says that current subscribers will be able to enjoy the current value for a “generous” period of time.

As stated, it is not known which countries will be affected by the increase. Netflix only talks about a $ 1 or $ 2 increase, depending on the location. By this logic, it is possible that all countries are affected, including Brazil, but it is not confirmed.

Here, the service has only had a readjustment since its launch. It arrived costing R $ 15 per month, but now it costs R $ 17. If the new increase applies to Brazil, the amount could be between R $ 19 and R $ 22 per month.

According to Netflix, the increase “will allow you to purchase more content and offer a streaming experience”. The company has already experienced an increase of 1 euro in the price in Ireland and says it has not affected public interest.

Via The Verge

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