Netflix raises prices in Brazil and launches new basic plan

The Netflix video streaming service is more expensive worldwide as of today, just for new subscribers. In Brazil, the price for those who want to hire the platform, which works as an online video store, goes from R $ 16.90 to R $ 19.90 per month. Old subscribers, however, will only have the value adjusted in June 2015.

The company also launched a new plan, which will be the cheapest from now on. Users can pay R $ 17.90 per month for a subscription that guarantees access to content in standard definition (other than HD). This plan also limits the reproduction of the material on just one screen.

The subscription, which now costs R $ 19.90, makes it possible to reproduce the videos in HD on two screens at the same time. There is also the option to subscribe to the R $ 26.90 plan, which allows access on four devices simultaneously.

In the USA, the plan goes from US $ 7.99 to US $ 8.99 (from R $ 17.73 to R $ 19.94); in England, from 5.99 to 6.99 (from R $ 22.30 to R $ 26.12). The rest of Europe increased from € 7.99 to € 8.99 (from R $ 24.46 to R $ 27.52).

According to Netflix, the readjustment is necessary to improve the infrastructure and invest in the acquisition of films and production of own series, such as “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black”. It is quite possible, however, that the global readjustment has to do with the agreements that the company has been forced to make with internet providers in the United States to ensure that its content reaches its customers with sufficient speed.

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