Netflix makes history with 31 Emmy nominations

Netflix has shown that it really has come to change the way things work in the entertainment industry. This Thursday, the 10th, the virtual rental company received no less than 31 nominations for the 66th edition of the Emmy.

The amount more than double that seen last year, when Netflix came to the Emmy with 14 nominations, becoming, at that time, the first internet service to compete in an exclusive award for American TV.

This year’s highlight was House of Cards, with 13 nominations related to its second season (including best drama). But Orange is the New Black, also in the second season, came close with 12 nominations (including the best comedy). Derek, another Netflix series, was cited because Ricky Gervais competes with her as the best actor.

Apart from Netflix, HBO had good results with two series that have to do with nerdy culture: Game of Thrones, with 19 nominations, and Silicon Valley, with five.

The whole list can be checked on this link.

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