Netflix debuts series in 4K

You can now watch House of Cards in 4K resolution from your home’s sofa, plus some nature documentaries, as promised by Netflix last year. But of course there are some restrictions.

In addition to having a powerful internet, the user must own a TV equipped with the H.265 / HEVC decoder, present in most devices presented at CES this year.

Those who purchased a 4K device last year have minimal chances of enjoying content from Netflix in this resolution, as explained by CNET. There is only one model from Samsung, the UNF9000, which, with the SEK-2500V kit, can be upgraded to HEVC – and the same goes for products via streaming from Amazon, Comcast, Fox, among others, who intend to release material in 4K still this year.

At the end of last year Netflix had already made some 4K videos available, but only for testing. Check it out by clicking here.

Netflix 4K

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