‘Netflix by torrent’, Popcorn Time arrives on Apple TV

Considered by many to be Hollywood’s worst nightmare, Popcorn Time keeps growing. The latest news from “Netflix for torrents” that it now supports AirPlay.

This means that you can use Apple TV to stream Popcorn Time content to your TV without needing cables, which was already possible for anyone using Google’s Chromecast.

For now, this functionality is only available to Windows users, but according to theThe Next Web, the Mac app will be updated soon.

Popcorn Time emerged and died earlier this year, enabling Internet users to use torrent files to watch streaming movies. This means that it was not necessary to download the files and that the transmission took place more quickly.

After a brief moment of success, the creators took the service down, but left the codes available, motivating the creation of other versions. There is, for example, an application for Android (see here).

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