Mozilla justifies advertising on Firefox

Johnathan Nightingale, vice president of Firefox, released a letter of explanations about Mozilla’s idea of ​​placing advertising inside the browser, recognizing that the novelty was not well received by Internet users.

According to the executive, many people were bothered to imagine that Firefox will be infested by logos of companies that pay for it, without any control or benefits for users.

“It won’t happen,” he assured me. “Not what we are at Mozilla.”

Nightingale said that in the coming weeks the Directory Tiles, announced in February, will be tested, which will allow the inclusion of advertisements in the new Firefox tabs. But the content paid will only come later.


First, Mozilla wants to use the space to make recommendations based on the history of the Internet user, in addition to showing other sites that may be useful – some linked to the foundation itself. The idea, says Nightingale, is to learn which services are enabled or ignored by users.

Only then will the commercial stage come, when the new tab will have sponsored content. But Mozilla guarantees that only material that is of value to the user will be indicated. “We will talk about what we learn before delivering anything to our users,” promised Nightingale.

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