Meet the mirror that makes selfies alone

If you are a fan of selfie, you may like what this digital agency has created: a mirror that takes pictures and automatically posts them for you.

Unsuspectedly called SELFIE (acronym for The Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine, or something like “mechanism that automatically posts images to the feed”), the mirror is activated when the person stops in front of you and smiles for a while. There are even two LED panels that serve as a counter to notify you when the capture is made.

This is a contraption invented by iStrategyLabs, which connected the mirror to sensors connected to a MacMini with facial recognition software. The LEDs, controlled with Arduino, only appear when activated, and all components are hidden behind the mirror.

Although it is just an experiment, if you are interested you can contact the agency and maybe they will accept an order. click here to access the site.

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