Manifesto calls for less annoying internet advertisements

Many users are familiar with the concept of AdBlock Plus, software that promises to remove all advertisements from a website, leaving only the internal content. The practice evidently does not please companies, which are threatened by the patrol. Therefore, those responsible for Adblock propose a manifest with the following measures:

1) Acceptable ads are not irritating.

2) Acceptable advertisements cannot disturb or interrupt the page we are trying to read.

3) Acceptable advertisements are transparent to us as to whether they are an advertisement.

4) Acceptable ads are efficient without shouting at us.

5) Acceptable ads are appropriate for the website we are on.

“Advertising is the economic engine that drives the internet, giving users websites and free content. But many online ads have become boring and intrusive in an attempt to be heard. In response, millions of consumers have installed ad blockers, which further decreases the click-through rate, making advertisers use increasingly irritating and intrusive methods to get attention. And the vicious cycle continues, “say those responsible for the program.

Among the organizations that have already joined the manifesto are Reddit, Consumer Commons, PageFair and Anti-Advertising Agency. Adblock Plus asked Twitter to support the document, but the company has yet to comment on the matter.

Via: The Next Web

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