Make your old PC a media server and access files on your phone

If you have an old computer (about 7 years old), of those who barely manage to access the internet, it might be nice to give it some use, turning it into a media server instead of throwing it away. In this way, it would be possible to access music, videos and photos stored on it from any other device connected to the local network, be it tablet, smartphone or other computer.

Did you like the tip? Well, it is not suitable for younger machines because it can impair their performance. If you want to move on, know that we will use the XBMC software, which can be downloaded [AQUI].Then install XBMC on your computer and follow the instructions below:

1) Adding the videos
When opening XBMC, the program takes over the entire screen. Go to the video tab and select “files”, below.


Then click on “Add videos …”


Then click on “browse” and choose the folder where your movies are. Press OK, repeat the command, and on the next screen, choose the media type of the folder (movies, series, music).


2) Opening the network

Click “ESC” to be taken to the XBMC home screen. Then go to “Videos” and see if your films are on the list. If so, press ESC and we are going to work on a slightly more technical configuration.

Press the right arrow until you find the “System” tab. Select it.


In the “Services” menu, click on “UPNP” and make sure that all options are selected.


Your computer is now a movie server. To make it a music server, repeat the operation done in the “videos” tab in the “music” tab, selecting the appropriate folder. When doing the same with the “pictures” folder, it is also possible to show your photo collection. To ensure good performance, it is ideal that the computer is close to the router, connected by an ethernet cable.

3) Other devices

Now you can use your computer’s files on your phone, tablet or other PC using the appropriate application. For Android, we recommend Skifta. Samsung phones already come with “Allshare Play”, which fulfills the same purpose. For iOS, ho AirPlayer it’s the PlayerXtreme.

4) The Second XBMC

For Windows, Mac and Linux, it is also interesting to use the XBMC itself, since it not only works as a media server, but also as a player. If the server is far from your TV, for example, another PC with XBMC can be an excellent Media Center.

After installing XBMC, when adding a folder in “videos”, choose the option “UPNP Devices”


An option should appear with the XBMC on your other computer. Select it and “OK”


There, now the entire list of movies (and, if you have done the process, music and series too) from the server is synchronized with your computer.

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