Large US sites slow to fight for net neutrality

If in Brazil the approval of Marco Civil ensured net neutrality, in the United States this achievement still faces obstacles. And, in order to pressure the country’s regulatory agency to determine which operators offer internet without differentiating the speeds according to the content, big sites decided to spend the day simulating the slowness that would be access without neutrality.

Netflix, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Reddit, Pornhub, RedTube and Vimeo are among the addresses that entered the protest, as reported by The Guardian. Everyone installed a widget that slows down access.

The idea is to make Internet users realize that, without network neutrality, operators can force subscribers to pay more to access these sites at full speed. Having realized this, Internet users themselves would help companies put pressure on regulators.

All of this is because the FCC – a type of Anatel in the USA – is reviewing Internet legislation in the country and one of the proposals will allow operators to make the distinction by content.

Internet Mozilla Netflix Foursquare Kickstarter Reddit

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