Know how to end spoilers on your Facebook

Being involuntarily informed about the end of a book, movie, game or series is a sad thing, especially when the work is part of a trilogy (perhaps a heptalogy, like Harry Potter). The practice is so uncomfortable that it even got a specific name created in the 1970s: spoilers.

While it is difficult to avoid them on Facebook, since everyone is commenting on that latest episode that apparently only you have not seen, there is a way to prevent your boring friends from spoiling your pleasure in checking out the outcome of a program. Let’s go step by step:

First install the “Social Fixer” plugin, in English only, available on the official website(click here), for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. After restarting the browser (procedure required for the extension to work), Facebook will automatically guide you to the installation of the “Social Fixer”, with various options to modify the functioning of your profile on the social network. For now, just click on “minimal” and accept everything until the end.

At the top of the screen, in your notification bar, a new wrench icon will now appear. Click it and then press “edit social fixer options”. See below:


On the screen that opens, several tabs will appear on the left, which control the changes that the “social fixer” can make on your Facebook. Feel free to explore them (like blocking notifications from games, for example), but for the purposes of this article, see the “Filtering” guide.

At the top, select all the checkboxes (Enable filters on news feed, pages and timelines and groups). In the “Other” column, in the “Matching Text” field, write the words you want to disappear from your timeline, in the following format: / Term 1 | Term 2 | Term 3 | Term 4 / i. An example: “/ How I Met your mother | how i met | Game of Thrones | dies | death | died | died | final / i” (without quotes.)


Inserting the letter “i” at the end of the command makes sure that the extension will ignore the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, barring, for example, “Robin” and “robin”, equally. To prevent links that have these words in the title, create another filter, clicking on “add new filter at the bottom” and do the same thing, but in a different format:[href*=”termo 1|termo 2|termo 3″].

On the right side, check the “Hide” and “minimize” boxes. Click on “save” and update the page. Ready. Posts containing the words you don’t want to see will be filed off your timeline.

Via: Lifehacker

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