JK Rowling returns to writing about Harry Potter

JK Rowling spent her time after seven years to write another piece of the Harry Potter streak, the first since the wizard defeated Lord Voldemort. The writer published a text in the format of a newspaper article as if it had been produced by gossip journalist Rita Skeeter.

The idea was to coincide with the World Cup, so JK talks about the Quidditch World Cup, in which Brazil faces Bulgaria in the final that takes place in Patagonia. Harry is in his 30s and has gray hair, although he keeps his glasses. characteristics.


There is information about him and his friends in Rita’s article, which carries on the malicious partiality. Through it you can know that Harry is a famous auror with a cut on his cheek; Gina Weasley, his wife, works as a journalist at the Prophet Dirio and is covering the Quidditch Cup; Ron, his best friend and brother-in-law, quit the auror trade to work at Weasley’s Witty; while Hermione Granger is one of the heads of the Law Enforcement Department of Magic.

The full text is available on the Pottermore website and, to be accessed, a registration must be made on here.

With: Business Insider and Buzzfeed.


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