Japanese will be the first to advertise on the Moon

Japanese beverage maker Otsuka is the first company in the world to advertise outside of it. In October 2015, the brand sent a can with one of its products to Lua.

The container made of titanium will have 1 kg of Pocari Swet, powdered sports drink that must be mixed with water to be consumed. The company’s idea to encourage young people who want to become astronauts, because one of them must travel to Earth’s natural satellite to consume the drink.


The object will be transported by means of a capsule on the Falcon 9 rocket, which has already been three times a space station for supply and, in 2015, it will travel for the first time for commercial purposes. The Griffin probe, owned by the private company Astrobotic Technology, will be responsible for placing the can on the surface of the Moon.

Ironicamebte, Astrobotic specializing in technologies to remove space debris. According to the The Verge, the company charged $ 500,000 to do the service, but got involved in the project because of a Google award, which offered $ 20 million to the first company that was able to stay at least 500 meters from the lunar surface and transmit images in high resolution for Earth.

The capsule will also contain a silver disc on which the dreams of children from all over Asia, recorded in the middle of a campaign, will be recorded. Only “wish rings” can open the can to be deposited on the Moon; most of them will be delivered to children involved in action, but ten more will stay at the company’s headquarters, serving as a stimulus for the little ones to become astronauts.


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