Invitation to the social network Ello sells for up to R $ 368

Ello, a new ad-free social network that has caused a stir in the technological scene, has already become an object of users’ desire. That’s because to participate, you need to get an invitation from those who are already in the service. With that, people who had invitations left over resolved sell them on eBay.

By doing a quick search on the e-commerce site and auction, e-mail invitations start to be offered for R $ 0.20 and even go up to R $ 368. In some advertisements, the promise that the invitation will be sent at one hour after ordering.


With the episode, Ello decided to speak at the beginning of the week and said that the sale of invitations is “bizarre”. “It’s kind of bizarre that people are selling invitations on eBay … We don’t know where the invitations being sold on eBay are coming from, but people shouldn’t worry about buying,” said Rachel Fukaya, spokeswoman for Ello. , in an email sent to the site Motherboard.

Fukaya also said that if people want an invitation and have not succeeded by friends, they can wait for the conventional method. “If you sign up on our page, you will eventually get an invitation,” he guaranteed.

If you can’t wait for that date, you can still use Ello Invite, a website that has been distributing invitations to the social network. Here’s how to get invitations.

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