Internet spends TV on advertising investments in the USA

For the first time, US advertisers have invested more money in Internet advertising than in TV, as revealed by IAB data released on Thursday.

In 2013, the Internet raised US $ 42.8 billion in advertising revenue in the country, while TV had US $ 40.1 billion. The value obtained by the web 17% higher than that achieved in the previous year.

Much of this achievement is due to the performance of the mobile sector, which grew 110% between 2012, when it received US $ 3.4 billion, and 2013, the year in which the revenue was US $ 7.1 billion.

Randall Rothenberg, CEO and President of the IAB, pointed out in a statement that the overtaking, although it indicates, should not be seen with surprise, as the internet was already gaining fans in an accelerated way, which has intensified with mobile devices.

Even so, it is a remarkable achievement. In Brazil, the internet is still the second medium that receives the most advertising investments, in front of newspapers, magazines, radio, etc., but behind TV, which receives almost 60% of the funds from advertisers (knew more).

According to the IAB, 21% of the advertisements made on the American Internet in 2013 came from retail companies, which were followed by financial services (13%) and the auto industry (12%). Search ads were preferred (43%), followed by displays / banners (19%), mobile (17%) and video (7%).


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