In Brazil, Globo is the 1st to achieve personalized internet domain

The first personalized internet domain granted to Brazil was for Organizaas Globo. Company agencies may use the suffix .GLOBO on their websites, as reported by Source Code.

The document sent by Globo to ICANN to request the new gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain) makes it clear that it “will be specific, created to concentrate all the content generated by Globo Organizations”.

“As today, we are going to produce specific content for the digital channel and adapt the wide range of content for the internet. In this way, Globo will certify the origin of the content under .GLOBO, avoiding cybersquat / cybersquatting and fraud. We also want to have a competitive advantage over our competitors with the ultimate goal of being the first domain name for news and entertainment on the internet in Brazil. The .GLOBO domain management will be in charge of Globo Organizations and private individuals will not be able to register. ”

Other Brazilian companies and entities are trying to obtain a similar record, including Vivo, Natura, UOL and In addition, Rio de Janeiro has an eye on .RIO, which could become the first municipal suffix in South America.

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