Hologram cell phone may arrive in 2015

The American company Ostendo Technologies is developing a chip that can create three-dimensional images using holograms directly from the screen of devices, such as cell phones and tablets. And the best: without the need for special glasses.

The chip is smaller than a bean bean and can project videos onto a two-dimensional surface of up to 48 inches. The prototype with the capacity to store six chips and create a 3D hologram already exists, but should only be commercially available by the end of 2015.

Other technologies allow holography, but require heavy equipment and require larger structures. In 2012, for example, at an alternative music festival, holography “brought” American rapper Tupac, who was murdered in 1996, back on stage.

Ostendo’s promise to resolve this limitation and make the application of the technology practical and affordable, charging about US $ 30 (R $ 69) per holographic chip, which must be used in one device at a time.

Via: Wall Street Journal

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