Google will warn Internet users when search results are censored

Forced to grant the “right to be forgotten” in Europe, Google may have to remove a lot of content from its search engine. In order not to harm internet users who are deprived of information, the company is considering applying a sign that warns them whenever a result has been altered due to censorship.

In May, the European Union determined that search engines should hide links that annoy citizens involved in the page in question – for example, shortly after the decision a pedophile requested his “right to be forgotten” because he did not want to be remembered for what he did in the past .

Google wasn’t the only one impacted by the measure, but probably what else will have to act, so the company has created a form by which Internet users can indicate what they want from the search engine and why. As a result, the company received no less than 12,000 requisitions at the beginning of the month.

If you need to comply with all requests, Google has to alter the search results too much, so, according to the The Guardian, decided to adopt the notification system. When the new rule has influenced the results, the page displays an alert in the footer.

Google Censorship

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