Google wants to integrate TV content into searches

Google recently filed a patent for a system that can integrate the content broadcast on TV with its search engine. Thus, the company’s search engine will be able to know the program that the user is watching and suggest related contents. According to the company, the idea may improve the results of a survey carried out while someone is watching a specific program.

If implemented, the novelty can serve to offer advertising that is increasingly directed to the interests of the viewer, in addition to being able to suggest new programs related to personal tastes.

On the United States patent filing website, the technology is described as “a system and method for improving user search results by determining a television program that is being shown next to an electronic device.”

In practice, the system will work as follows: when searching for any expression or word using a mobile electronic device, Google will relate the search to the programs that are being displayed in certain areas and times.

However, there is a concern about the privacy of this information. If used in the wrong way, data can serve as another means of controlling Internet users. There is still no forecast of when the service will reach the market. Check the full patent on here.

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