Google Glass may be banned in cinemas

Google barely launched Glass in the UK and has already started to face problems over there because of smart glasses. An association representing 90% of local cinemas said it plans to fight Glass, asking customers to remove it as soon as the lights go out so the film can begin.

For now, as the report Neowin, the attitude does not influence those who make clandestine recordings inside theaters, because Glass is still bad for this type of production, since it has little space for storage, it only films 45 minutes before hanging up due to lack of battery and does not have enough good receivers for this.

It seems more like an attitude to prevent what comes next. As devices of this type begin to appear on the market, they are likely to get better until they can actually be used for film recordings.

Neowin recalls that in the United States some cafes and restaurants have also banned the use of the device in their establishments.

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