Google acts to respect “right to be forgotten”

Google aired a fomulrio so that European Internet users can ask for the removal of content that does not please them, in a recent decision by the European Union to force searchers to ensure the right to be forgotten on the internet.

The EU Court of Justice has determined that Internet users have mechanisms to require sites to stop listing content that is “inappropriate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were prosecuted”.

As this assessment would be too subjective for Google’s algorithms, the company decided to look at each case separately, so it put the form on the air. “Please note that this is an initial effort,” says the company.

Before deleting a link, it will be taken into account whether it leads to outdated information about the person and whether there is public interest, containing, for example, data on financial fraud, professional negligence, criminal convictions or on the conduct of government officials.

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