Free advertising social network starts to gain popularity

There is no way to argue that Facebook is a success and has established a business standard for social networks based on advertising targeted to the tastes of users. However, a still small social network is trying to do the opposite, offering a free and advertising-free service. It seems almost impossible, but what about Ello, who is gaining users quickly right now.

The service is receiving about 4,000 new registrations per hour, but no one really knows why. The social network has existed since March of this year and was a total failure, until it starts to win away now.

Apparently, it may have to do with accepting alternative names, which is a recent criticism of Facebook. The LGBT community was complaining that the social network was banning drag queens that did not use their registration name and appears to have adopted Ello, who is more free about it. Ru Paul, who presents the renowned reality show Ru Paul’s Drag Race came to publicize the network, which may have helped to establish it among the public.

Another factor that may have contributed to the arrival of a new public is the fact that it is free of advertising, which generates a more fluid experience of use. In addition, creator Paul Budnitz guarantees that Ello will never veto pornography on the page, which can be a decisive factor in winning public. We don’t need to say how pornography moves the internet, right?

But you will ask yourself: “but Olhar Digital, if they don’t have advertising, how do they make money?”. Like most internet services, those in charge are not doing charity. The objective is to make money in other ways, mainly by selling extra features, since the free method of use is extremely simple. However, the company promises to improve privacy features for non-paying users, among other tools that are about to arrive.

For now, the social network depends on invitations for new registrations. To check it out, click here.

Via TechCrunch

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