Fires number of movie downloads with Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ death sparked the number of movie downloads the actor worked on. Classics like “Dead Poets Society”, “An almost perfect bab” and “Good morning, Vietnam” had an increase in the search for up to 49,000% on the internet.

The top 20 most downloaded movies from Amazon, updated hourly, brings 8 Williams movies. The same is true in BitTorrent. Since Monday, when the death was announced, “Society of the dead poets” jumped from 100 to 50 thousand downloads, reaching the first position in both lists and being ahead of releases like “Non-Stop” and “Divergente”, starring by Liam Neeson. It is even possible to download the approximately 40 films starring the actor, from “Popeye” to “Shrink”, one of the actor’s last films released.

Other popular titles are “Gnio Indomvel” and “Patch Adams”, which occupy 8 and 13 positions in the Amazon ranking, respectively.

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