Find out how to get invitations to the Ello social network

You may have seen some of your friends celebrating the fact that you were able to access Ello, the new anti-Facebook social network that is rapidly gaining popularity. However, you may not have been able to register because the service requires an invitation, like Orkut in ureous times. But there is a way to bypass the wait, if you don’t want to be bothering your colleagues to be able to access it.

A website called Ello Invite was created that, as the name says, automatically distributes invitations to the social network. The process done through bots that register on the network and trigger invitations when requested.

very simple to use the site. Just click on this link to check and follow the steps below.

– Press “I want a key”


– Then press “Registration”


– You will be directed to Ello’s website, where you only have to fill in your email, username and password. Press “Create Account” and enjoy the social network.


What’s so special?
In case you haven’t followed, Ello is standing out for totally escaping Facebook’s business model. The responsible company never promises, under any circumstances, to collect data from users and never to display advertising. To make money, developers are thinking of selling extra features to anyone who is interested.

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