Facebook will let advertisers choose audiences for the quality of the internet

Facebook announced today that from now on advertisers will be able to choose their target audience according to the quality of the connection, be it 2G, 3G or 4G.

The company already allowed companies to target people by device type, model and operating system. But it still needed to specify the connection speed, which makes a lot of difference for the advertiser and the user.

For example, the company can release an HD video campaign and exclude users with 2G internet on their cell phones. So you run less risk of having the video skipped and the internet user doesn’t have to waste time waiting for the campaign to load while ending their data plan.

To maintain privacy, Facebook does not inform the quality of each person’s internet, specifically; the network separates users by packages, so the advertiser will have no way of knowing exactly who has good or bad connections.

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