Facebook tests feature that identifies music and TV show

Facebook showed American journalists its new bet on development: a tool that identifies music and TV programs in the user’s vicinity and transforms the search result into status updates, if the owner of the profile agrees.

In addition to sharing the content, the resource will allow access to the official page of the artist or attraction chosen at that time. To this end, the social network has entered into partnerships with music streaming services, such as Deezer, Rdio and Spotify, the latter recently arrived in Brazil.

The agreement with the online platforms should form a collection with millions of songs, which is not yet ready. According to a test conducted by the Business Insider website, the service takes less than 15 seconds to identify a pipe in a quiet environment.

With its new onslaught, Facebook threatens the Shazam app, which does exactly the same thing, but does not favor integration with the world’s largest social network. There is still no forecast for product launch.


The new Facebook tool will be an extension of the features that allow the user to rate their feelings on the social network. Through the icons available in the rank field, you can inform the activity you are doing at a given moment and convey the level of mood.

Via: Business Insider

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