Facebook says when to disable controversial ad format

Last July, Facebook announced that it would reduce the number of advertising formats offered to the advertising market in order to make investment in the site more productive. Among the cuts were sponsored stories – usually the subject of privacy complaints – which will disappear on April 9.

Created in 2011, the feature allowed advertisers to use user actions to promote themselves – for example, if a friend likes this brand, it appears to you as a suggestion like “hey, your friend liked it, why don’t you like it too? “.

If you checked in to Starbucks saying “my second time here today”, this post could be shown prominently to your friends, as you can see here. Actions in apps and comments on pages could also be used – including minors.

Many people were bothered by the possibility of having their personal preferences exposed and Facebook was even sued for it. After April 9 it will still be possible to associate the user brand, but not having the person as a focus.

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