Facebook launches FAN, its own mobile advertising network

It has long been speculated that Facebook would create a mobile advertising network and now, finally, the company has decided to make the new venture official. During the F8 conference, the social network announced the FAN (Facebook Audience Network) which aims to make life easier for developers when monetizing their mobile applications.

“We put it all together so you don’t have to hire an advertising team to sell ads,” said Deborah Liu, Facebook’s director of mobile monetization.

The operation will not be much different from the system already available on Facebook itself. Advertisers can target fans of the Game of Thrones series, for example, who visit a particular website and use social media data to reach them. The social network describes itself as “the best in the world” in this targeted advertising system, thanks to the data collected from its users.

The advertising network supports several formats, which include banners, native advertising and more invasive formats, known as “intertitials”. The company says choosing the correct format is important. “Formats really matter in mobile. We encourage everyone to work with us on native advertisements, ”says Liu.

The chain is already being tested with major brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney. The Wall Street Journal mentions that the announcement of the novelty already excites advertisers with the opportunity, thanks to the targeting capacity offered by Facebook.

Via Wall Street Journal

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