Facebook ads will have larger images

In yet another change in the way it deals with advertising, Facebook announced, in April, that starting last Tuesday, the 24th, it would change the way it deals with advertisements in the sidebars.

According to Facebook, the measure will increase the number of clicks, making the system more advantageous for advertisers. Advertisements may not have more than 20% of text occupying the image, a rule that has been in force since 2013 and will not be changed, although some old advertisements, made before this date, continue to run, even outside the rule.

On the 24th, some ads have already started to be shown with larger images, while those that do not have images in the correct size appear in the old size, without changes. On September 1, all ads that do not have photos in the new size will be rejected and their display will be stopped. All ads that do not comply with the 20% text rule will also be excluded.

For end users, little is likely to change, since the resolution of most monitors is large enough that, even if the advertisements increase significantly, they still do not even come close to taking up the space of the posts in the center of the page.

Via: Inside Facebook

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