Ello’s creator provokes Facebook: “It’s an advertising platform”

Ello, a social network that has already conquered thousands of users due to the absence of advertisements, different from what many think, was not born of a great startup idea. In fact, Paul Budnitz, creator of the service, does not follow any of the premises of a startup founder: he is over 30 years old, does not live in Silicon Valley and decided to enter a giant market.

In interview Wired, Budnitz says that he decided to create Ello after an “anti-Facebook” manifesto and that, in the beginning, the social network was intended only for a group of approximately 90 friends. After a few months, the novelty has become a phenomenon and, currently, according to the creator, Ello receives about 50 thousand requests for invitations per hour.

However, Budnitz makes it clear that he is not competing with Facebook, as he believes the purposes are different. “People keep asking me if we are competing with Facebook (…) And I actually believe that Facebook is not a social network (…). An advertising platform. We are a social network. What we do . Facebook is there for ads, “said Wired.

After creating Ello for his nearly 100 friends, Budnitz began to receive requests from more people wanting to participate. In this way, the founder obtained an investment of US $ 435 thousand (about R $ 1 million) from a venture capital fund in Vermont to increase the network.

When it closes its beta period, Ello must offer extra resources to users as a form of monetization. According to Budnitz, they will cost around US $ 1 (approximately R $ 2) and US $ 2 (R $ 5) and will be offered as in an app store.

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