Company creates floating Bluetooth speaker

It is not montage, not even something out of a future worthy of science fiction. The manufacturer of sound accessories OM Audio developed a Bluetooth speaker that floats in the air, without any type of cable.

The OM / ONE is a device that consists of a magnetic base with a USB port and a sphere, which is suspended up to 3 centimeters inches while the music is played. The levitation happens thanks to a neodymium magnet that is in the center of the ball and is repelled due to the electromagnetism of the base, which makes it float and rotate slightly.
Crowdfounding project, the product costs US $ 179 and can be connected to smartphones, tablets and computers. So far the speaker has managed to raise almost double the initial value of US $ 100 thousand dollars, reaching US $ 196 thousand. There are still another 48 days to order the device, available in black and white. The device is expected to reach the market at the end of the year. When released, it will cost $ 199.

In addition to playing music, om / one comes with a built-in microphone that allows you to make conference calls. The sphere can also work alone, without the need for the base, and has a battery that can last up to 15 hours. It is also possible to pair two units and enhance the audio.

Check out a video that better explains the idea:

Via Business Insider and OM Audio

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