Companies pressure Netflix to block access via VPN

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you probably know that by using a VPN service, which can even be an extension in the browser, you can have access to the American catalog, which is much more complete than the Brazilian one. The possibility is welcome among users, but not so much among the companies that own the copyright, that would be pressuring the service to block this type of international access.

The blame for closing the siege does not seem to be in Brazil where the service is already established, but Brazilian users can also be affected. The most significant case in Australia; around there, Netflix has not yet been launched, but about 200 thousand people already regularly use the American version of the service.

Simon Bush, CEO of AHEDA, a group that represents big companies like 20th Century Fox, Warner, Universal, Sony and other big companies, says that some of these companies are already lobbying for a ban. However, he does not say which ones are involved.

The problem with this is that, in case it works, due to the way VPNs work, users worldwide will be unable to access the service using a network. That includes even Americans who pay for the legitimate service and prefer to browse securely using a VPN.

Distributors say that because of these unauthorized international accesses, they lose revenue from licenses. In the Australian case, there are even alternatives like QuickFlix, which works in a similar way, that would generate revenue, but locals prefer to ignore it.



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