Chinese press calls for US technology companies to be punished

The Chinese state press decided to declare war on large American technological companies. Through microblogging networks, People’s Daily went on to ask US companies for “severe punishments” for monitoring Chinese users and stealing sensitive information from the opposing government.

“American companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook participate in PRISM to monitor China. To resist hegemony on the internet, we must ask for international regulations and strengthen our technological security, but we must also severely punish the villagers. The priority is to enforce penalties and, for anyone who steals our information, even when we are away, we must punish them! ”Says People’s Daily.

Since Edward Snowden revealed the scandal of PRISM, the surveillance program in which the NSA (US National Security Agency) collected information from technology companies, much suspicion has been created around these companies. However, it is not known what motivated these new complaints and whether any new information was stolen.

The fact is that since PRISM was unveiled, all companies have rushed to claim they were not part of it and asked the US government for more freedom to disclose data on user data requests, but to date they have not achieved results. Regarding the recent Chinese accusation, all deny, in contact with Reuters.

Since Snowden’s revelation, the Chinese government has abandoned the services of American companies, such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, among many others for fear of data security. So analysts say the former analyst’s accusations cost the United States billions of dollars.

Via Reuters

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