Cell phone is the most claimed product in Procon-SP

According to Procon-SP, the cell phone presents unsatisfactory quality standards, with malfunctions and durability below consumer expectations. The problem is compounded by inadequate after-sales support and frequent and unjustified allegations of misuse.

Samsung had the highest rate of resolving complaints, with 94%, while Motorola and Nokia stood out, respectively, for the high number of complaints and low service rate, with 60% and 30%.

Procon-SP analyzes that the technological equivalence of products has stimulated consumers to also be concerned with the quality of services that accompany the sale, such as delivery, remote assistance, help desk and service platforms. According to the organization, the survey reveals, above all, unpreparedness and inefficiency of companies in after-sales services.

More sectors

The list of products and companies most claimed also includes notebooks, TVs and white goods (refrigerator, fire, washing machine). Check the results below:


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