Brazilians use Wikipedia to advertise for free

Last month, an advertising agency decided to use the Brazilian way to advertise for free on one of the sites that, besides being one of the most accessed in the world, does not have any type of advertising: Wikipedia.

The action was created by the agency Havas Digital, from So Paulo, for Pirelli, a brand that supplies tires for several racing categories. The idea was to replace photos that illustrate articles on motorsport on Wikipedia with others that somehow showed the company’s brand.

Thus, all texts linked to Pirelli’s sponsorships were changed – “hundreds of thousands”, according to the company – with more than 250 images, generating an impact on almost 2 million Internet users who made related searches on Google.

Apparently the old photos have returned to the articles, and you can’t tell what the Internet users’ response was, because the campaign video does not accept evaluations or comments. Check below and answer: what did you think of the idea?

[Atualizao: o vdeo da ao, que estava hospedado na conta oficial da Pirelli Brasil, foi alterado para privado e no pode mais ser visto. Usurios do YouTube, entretanto, ainda tm a pea, que pode ser vista logo abaixo.]

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