Brazilian spends more time on the internet than on TV, says research

The approximately 100 million Brazilians with internet access dedicate more time to digital than to any other means of communication. However, TV is still the favorite of the majority of the population and printed newspapers are considered the most reliable as a source of information. .

The victory of the Internet over light TV is only 10 minutes: on average, Brazilians spend 3h39 daily browsing and 3h29 watching the program. In the analysis of preference, however, the analogue medium is still a long way from being the first option of 76%, against 13% of the digital one.

Social networks stand out in the survey. Most respondents say they turn to Facebook for information, instead of spontaneously looking for news sites. In fact, for 32% of respondents, social networks have already become their main channel when it comes to seeking information.

Via: Ibope

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