Brazilian company launches TV with Windows 8 for R $ 27 thousand

Nowadays there are many options for watching movies comfortably on the sofa at home, such as smart TVs, online mini players (Apple TV and Roku) and HTPCs (machines that specialize in the media center function). Now, the Brazilian company Apek launches a new category that joins computers and televisions: Maxpad.

The models announced yesterday are touch sensitive and come equipped with Windows 8. The internal configuration is comparable to a relatively powerful computer: AMD A10 quad Core processor clocked at 3.8Ghz, 8GB Ram, GPU Radeon 4660, 60GB SSD and HD 500GB. You can use most software and some games without choking, but the performance will be owed for the latest titles.

Maxpad has a remote control with a keyboard, which also works as a mouse, to control the functions on the screen without the need to use the touchscreen. The TV also comes with 8 USB ports, two 3.0 and six 2.0, for connecting peripherals and pendrives or external hard drives.

The company’s preference for the Microsoft operating system can be explained by the vast library of applications available. After all, they are the same ones used on the computer, only with the advantage of being able to run all kinds of programs, such as Photoshop or the Office suite, for example.

Despite having imported components, Maxpad was developed and manufactured in Brazil. It is available in ten colors, in sizes 39, 50 and 64 inches, costing R $ 16 thousand, R $ 21 thousand and R $ 27 thousand respectively, but with the same internal configurations. Maxpad is available for sale exclusively at Fnacs of Paulista, Morumbi, Pinheiros and Campinas.

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