Beats founder appears in video confirming purchase by Apple

On Thursday night, there was a strong rumor that Apple was negotiating the purchase of Beats Electronics, a company founded by rapper Dr Dre, which produces such famous headphones. A video was soon released on Facebook, in which Dre seems to confirm the deal by bragging about being “the first hip-hop billionaire”.

The video was posted on the page of actor Tyrese Gibson, who reiterates the value of $ 3.2 billion and asks Forbes, a magazine that traditionally organizes the ranking of the richest people in the world, to review its list, because Dre just joined in the “billionaires club”.

The video does not confirm exactly that Apple completed the purchase, but it does imply that, in fact, there is a deal about to generate a lot of money for Dr Dre, founder of Beats.

For those who do not follow the technology market, all major mergers and acquisitions are always treated confidentially until they are successfully concluded. So you will never hear from any Apple executive anything about any deal before it is finalized.

So it would not be surprising if Apple’s top management were very angry about the “leak” of the information. This would also explain the fact that the video was removed from Facebook. There are, however, several copies already circulating on YouTube. One of them can be seen below:

Via The Verge

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