Apple would be buying Beats for streaming music

When Apple started selling music through iTunes, it was a revolution. Now, the company needs to adapt to the new times of the market, which migrated to streaming. That’s why the company would be investing $ 3.2 billion in Beats Electronics; not through your headphones, but through the Beats Music service.

The rumors emerged strongly on Thursday night, 8, and since then the industry has begun to wonder what the purpose of the deal is. Apparently, the production of hardware is in the background. The real plan of the apple is to face Spotify, which leads the market for streaming music playback, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Beats Music, launched in January, charges $ 10 a month in exchange for access to a catalog of 20 million songs, accessible anywhere with an internet connection. With that, Apple is trying hard to enter a market that generated $ 1 billion worldwide last year.

The company even has a streaming alternative, called iTunes Radio. Free of charge, it was made, in short, to leverage the sale of company devices and generate sales of songs on iTunes, including with a button for the user to purchase that song he was interested in. The service is limited and works like a radio: the user cannot choose the tracks he wants to listen to.

Thus, as the public begins to get used to the idea of ​​“renting” music instead of “owning it”, Apple is losing strength with its business model of selling complete albums or individual tracks by download. Hence the need to follow the market trend, to offer a service capable of competing with Spotify and so many others that have already joined the practice.

Via Wall Street Journal

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