Apple works on new piracy-proof music format

Within a year and a half, Apple should launch a new project that aims to encourage people to buy music again, a habit that has diminished over the years with the ease of piracy and legal and illegal streaming services. The company would be developing this new digital music format in partnership with U2.

In an interview with Time magazine, vocalist Bono revealed that the new music format is interactive and impossible to be pirated, but keeps the mystery about what lies ahead.

“I think it will be very exciting for the music industry,” says the singer. Journalist Catherine Mayer, who signs the article, also says that Bono says the new format will be “so irresistibly exciting for music fans that it will entice them to buy music again, be it full albums or individual tracks”.

Even today, the industry tries to circumvent the loss of revenue from piracy with the shows, which have become more expensive and frequent. However, not all artists are able to tour to fill stadiums and sell merchandise like T-shirts to get around a lost revenue.

It is not clear here whether Bono speaks of a new format in the sense of MP3, WAV or similar or if it is a new way of selling music, although the second alternative is the most likely.

It remains to be seen whether Apple and U2 will really be able to end piracy with the new format, or whether it will be a shot in the water, as was the release of the album Songs of Innocence. The disc, offered free by Apple to all iOS users, generated dissatisfaction to the point that Apple had to publish a tool to remove it from its iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Via The Guardian and TEAM

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