Apple thinks iPhone could replace cash and credit card

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, considers the portfolio a “problem that Apple can solve”. Like? Using the iPhone’s digital reader to authenticate passwords in physical and virtual stores around the world, according toBusiness Insider.

If the plan goes well, the company will be able to replace credit cards in day-to-day payments, making security more efficient for companies and providing more security for users, who will only be able to make payments with their fingerprints.

Currently, the online sales division, adding iTunes Store, iBooks Store and App Store, grows 11% per year, making it the company’s second most profitable area, after only the sale of iPhones.

With 800 million credit card numbers registered, the company has even more numbers than Amazon, which would make the venture in the payments world more plausible. Users would not have to create new accounts or make another agreement, since they would use the same payment method they are used to in online stores.

There are rumors that Apple is considering buying PayPal, the largest online payments company in the U.S., a direct competitor to Google Wallet.

Currently, online payments with a digital reader are now possible with the Samsung Galaxy S5, through PayPal. It is worth noting that digital readers of both the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S can be hacked, so they are not completely ways. secure payment.

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