Apple resolves to help customers get rid of U2 album

The strategy of Apple and U2 to push the band’s new album to the millions of people who have products like iPhone and iPad irritated so many people that the company decided to publish a tool created specifically to exclude the gift.

Just access SOI Removal (or something like “remover for Songs of Innocence” – album name), click on “Remove Album”, log in with ID and password used to make purchases on the iTunes Store and confirm the deletion.

That done, the Irish band’s new job will disappear from all devices connected to your ID. If you downloaded the album on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you must manually delete it on each device.

U2 had already commented on the controversial method, considered by Tim Cook to be the greatest musical release in history. The band manager gave an interview in which he was unconcerned with the negative reactions when saying that those who didn’t like it should get rid of the gift given by Apple (see here).

To access the tool, click here.

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